Sudan Military: Don't use violence against nonviolent Sudanese citizens.

Al-Bashir, the dictator for the last 30 years was deposed on April 11 by the nonviolent protests and the Sudanese military.  Now the military has declared a "transition" government in Sudan instead of a civilian transition government. The military is maintaining a state of emergency and declaring curfews. 

Building on the success of the prior campaign, we need to launch a new campaign to protect nonviolent protesters seeking to establish democracy in their country. Please support the Sudanese people by signing this petition and lifting up your voice for democracy and human rights.


Nonviolence International, the International Peace Bureau, and citizens across the world who love peace and who love Sudan, call on the Sudanese military to use NO violence against unarmed citizens engaged in nonviolent protest. A transition government that attacks and kills its own people loses the moral legitimacy to govern. In every crisis, there is an opportunity:  An opportunity for understanding, for negotiation, for change, for a stronger more united Sudan.  We are thinking and praying about Sudan and the government, and are calling on everyone to find a nonviolent and democratic solution for the sake of a prosperous and respected Sudan.

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