Solidarity with Nonviolent Turkish Protestors

NI has a keen interest in the Turkish nonviolent movement and solidarity among Turkish protestors in regards to the demolishment of the Gezi Park.
"It began with a grove of sycamores. For months environmentalists had been protesting against a government-backed plan to chop the trees down to make room for a shopping and residential complex in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. They organized a peaceful sit-in with tents, singing and dancing. On May 31st riot police staged a pre-dawn raid, dousing the protesters with jets of water and tear gas and setting fire to their encampment.” [Nonviolence International condemns the use of violence on all sides.]
One sign read, if the government was to tear up Central Park, Hyde Park or the Tiergarten to make a shopping mall, how would you feel?

 We urge citizens world wide to go to your local parks and to join us in solidarity this Sunday, June 23, 2013.
1.     20.00: Get out and stand for 10 minutes, with your hands in your pocket. A  mute, non-violent form of protest
2.     21.00: Pans orchestra: Bring pots and pans to bang (or get the app which makes the noise)
3.     22.00: Turn off your TV, mobile, computer, lights and stay silent for 5 minutes.
Nonviolent International encourages the use of nonviolent actions to promote change. Nonviolent protest speaks in volumes around the world, let us join hand in hand in nonviolent movement.


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