NI teaching and learning about nonviolence in Western Sahara

Nonviolence International founders, Mubarak Awad and Jonathan Kuttab visited Western Sahara this week to teach and learn about nonviolence. Western Sahara is illegally occupied by Morocco. Sahrawi people  have waged a nonviolent resistance for decades.  Awad and Kuttab visited 13  groups in Layoune who are struggling for human rights  and self-determination. Awad and Kuttab shared much about their Palestinian experience and learned of a long struggle for liberation and human rights by the Sahrawis. They stressed the importance of not becoming passive, nor harming Moroccans
This is a photo of Sahrawis with Jonathan Kuttab and Mubarak Awad. Note the mixture of ages and gender is a common cultural occurrence in the Western Sahara.NI will continue to teach about the strategic and moral value of nonviolent action in Western Sahara and with other neglected groups around the world.


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