NI dramatizes force feeding at the White House

o-GUANTANAMO-570-300x224 Rally at the White House, Washington, DC

Andrés Thomas Conteris began fasting in solidarity on July 8, 2013 along with 30,000 hunger striking California prisoners with 5 Core Demands of the Pelican Bay inmates. After fasting 61 days and losing 52 lbs, on Sept. 6th at 12:00 noon, Andrés elected to be force-fed through a nasogastric tube in front of the White House to depict how prisoners in Guantánamo are subjected to forced-feeding torture twice-daily. He affirms, "I will continue to fast in solidarity with Gitmo prisoners and be fed like they are fed."

To view a video of the disturbing force-feeding you can visit the link below to see the media clip.

The video highlights the twice-daily force-feeding of Guantanamo Bay prisoners as torture, and why every U.S. Citizen should want this controversial prison facility closed. It cost $2.7 million to hold each Gitmo prisoner for one year. Forced-feeding has been classified as torture by human rights organizations and is denounced by the American Medical Association. This feeding was not only being done to ensure Andrés can stay alive, but revealed in the light of day how U.S. policy practices torture. In this way hopes to pressure to end to this inhumane treatment. For more information visit:

Finally, we ask that you please contribute $1.00 to help distribute 2.7 million Orange Ribbons in the campaign to Close Gitmo and support the 5 core demands of Pelican and Guantánamo Bay hunger strikers. Click here to support human rights and make your tax-deductible donation  or visit and



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