Meet the 2013 Randall Research Scholarship Recipients!

The Randall Scholarship is a research scholarship that is awarded to a graduate student- from American University or an American University alumnus- , in remembrance of  Dr. Darrell and Mildred Randall . The purpose of this scholarship is to support graduate research necessary for completing a thesis or dissertation. The scholarship is intended to help fund international research related to nonviolent methods, ideas, or movements.  Below are the first recipients of the Randall Research Scholarship

Ms. Rosa P.

Ms. Rosa P. is participating in a dual graduate degree program with American University and Korea University. She plans on conducting research on radio broadcasting, balloon launches, “Hanryu” (South Korean Wave) in North Korea, defector connections, and underground churches to determine the impact and success the efforts of the South Korean civil society to educate and empower North Koreans about their rights and nonviolence resistance.  With her thesis, Ms. Rosa hopes to contribute to the nonviolent spread of information to North Korea.

Ms. Emily M

Ms. Emily M. is a graduate student at American University in the Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs program. She will be conducting field research on women’s rights in Latin American, particularly in Argentina and Chile. Her research question is: What explains the expanded mission or singular focus of women-led organizations of family members of the disappeared during and after the transition to democracy?  Ms. Emily plans on contributing to the current and developing conversations about the role of women and women-centered organizations in peace negotiation and their participation in the reconstruction of post-conflict society.

Ms. Sheherazade J.

Ms. Sheherazade J. is working on her PhD in International Relations at American University.  With the assistance of Randall Research Scholarship, she will be conducting the final phase of her field work and is expected to complete her dissertation in 2014. She plans on traveling to Malaysia to conduct in-depth interviews on religious-secular and Muslim-Western women's rights partnerships. The intent of her dissertation is to explain how Muslim-Western nonviolent partnerships are working across religious- secular and cultural divides to advance women’s rights. Essentially, Ms. Sheherazade anticipates that her research will provide key insights and help fill a critical gap in the literature on religion and secularism in nonviolent human rights movements and women’s rights strategies.


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