Holy Land Trust

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In 1996, Sami Awad returned to Palestine, his home after wrapping up his studies in the States. He wanted to serve the Palestinian community by building stronger better Palestine. When he arrived the situation on ground really hit him.  Politicians kept talking about peace but have done anything to achieve this peace. Sami looked back to his work with the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence and the works of his Uncle Mubarak Awad the founder of Nonviolence International, decided to overcome these challenges and work toward his goal of a better Palestine
Awad founded the Holy Land Trust in 1998, their mission “to lead in creating an environment that fosters understanding, healing, transformation, and empowerment of individuals and communities, locally and globally, to address core challenges that are preventing the achievement of a true and just peace in the Holy Land”.  After 10 years of community engagement Holy Land Trust continues to focus on nonviolent movements as the way to end all conflict in the Holy Land .
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This is Holy Land, This is Our Vision


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