Conference Organizers Buckle Under Public Pressure

Trinity 4In response to pressure from conference attendees and the public, the organizers of Trinity Lutheran Seminary's Seeking Peace in the Holy Land Conference allowed Dr. Mubarak Awad to make a brief statement in the opening day of their program. Conference attendees responded with a standing ovation. In spite of this show of support as well as demands from attendees to restore Dr. Awad's full participation in the conference, organizers refused.  A large and diverse contingent of Jews and Muslims, Christians and Palestinians from the local community attended Dr. Awad's presentation as a show of support for the inclusion of Palestinian voices in the peace process. The Columbus Dispatch covered the story; read their take here. For more information on the conference's exclusion of Palestinians, see our original post. Dr. Awad reminded listeners that “I don’t want to be the main focus of the conference, but I also want to let them know that they cannot ignore Palestinians... [we] have to be heard, even if people don’t like what [we] say.”


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